Fun Facts: New York Flower: the Rose

Also the national flower, the Rose is signified as the New York State flower.  Here are some interesting facts about roses you may not know when enjoying them during the holidays!

The Rose, in all its variety and color, was made the New York State flower in 1955. Roses have been appreciated throughout the centuries and are considered one of the most popular and widely cultivated flowers in the world today. There are over 150 species and more than 20,000 hybrids of Roses available.







 Facts About The Rose

  • Rose flower plants grow to a height of 2-10 feet.
  • Even in the wild, Roses are an enormously varied group of plants, ranging from prostrate shrubs to enormous climbers.
  • They are characterized by their spiny thorns.
  • Rose leaves are deciduous, compound, with alternate arrangement. Rose flower plants have 3 or 5, occasionally 7 leaflets.
  • The Rose leaf shape is Ovate, with serrate leaf margins.
  • Rose shrubs have pinnate leaves and usually prickly stems.
  • Rose flower fragrance and petals are enhanced by cultivation and hybridisation.
  • There are different classes of Roses formed, which are: the Banksia, Baurbon, Boursalt, China, Noisette, Hybrid Perpetual, etc., with multitudes of varieties.
  • Rose tree bark is green, covered with spines, and turns light brown to reddish brown with age.
  • Roses should be fertilized monthly from March until September.
  • Roses should be kept away from Aphids and thrips.
  • Pruning is of utmost importance for Roses.



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