Flowers Facts and Lore: Calla Lilies

     Calla lilies, members of the genus Zantedeschia, although called lilies, they really are not lilies. Members of the Araceae family of flowers, they actually are related to anthurium and spathiphyllum (Peace Lily), Arum plants.

Calla lilies are associated with the Greek Goddess, Hera, and they represent purity, holiness and faithfulness. So fitting for wedding bouquets and boutonnieres!

One early calla lily meaning originates in ancient Greek culture, where the flower was thought to represent magnificent beauty. This origin stems from a tale regarding Hercules as a baby. His father, the Greek god Zeus, had conceived him with an earthly woman, which meant he would lack divine, supernatural powers. Zeus drugged his goddess wife Hera to trick her into nursing the baby Hercules (to give him divine powers).

As the drug wore off, she came to her senses and flung the nursing baby from her. As she did so, some drops of her breast milk dropped to earth and sprouted to form calla lilies. The lilies were endued with god-like beauty, which made the goddess Venus jealous, so she cursed the blossom, resulting in the formation of the central spike inside the cupped bloom.

Calla lilies are available year round and you may choose from a wide array of colors (especially the mini-calla): from pure white, to faint blush pink, flame-orange, mango, purple, garnet, yellow and many shades in between.

Do be aware that open, cut stems contain a sap that may stain fabrics. Florists are well aware of this issue, and we take precautions to seal the stem ends, either with floral glue or stem-wrap tape.

If you are looking for a flower to make a statement in your wedding, consider the calla lily.



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Is there a wedding in your future?

Making the decision to become marriage partners may be one of the scariest things a couple will do. How do you get started?
Here are some tips we recommend:

Think about the weddings you have attended. What did you like or dislike about them… and no, let’s not name names here. What did you think about the wedding theme, the color scheme, the flowers, the venue, the music, the food , the timeline, and the energy level of the event (were people up and mingling, or sitting and not seeming to enjoy themselves.)

In your wedding planner, perhaps a sheet for each one of the above topics, so that when you come to your appointment with your vendors, including us, we can guide you through many of the details that can make or break your day.
Plan to visit us at least 6 months ahead of your wedding, although we have brides and grooms who begin their floral journey a year ahead or more.

For your floral consultation, call ahead or email us to set up your time. It is helpful if you bring along color swatches, the wedding party list, your photographer’s name, and how you herd of us. Our consultants will write your ideas down, starting with your bouquet, for you ladies; and the boutonnieres for you guys.

We will work our way through all the parts of your wedding that will be needing floral decor. At the end of our consultation time together, we will give you an estimate of the wedding cost including set-up and take downs. Should you decide to to have us as your floral specialists, we ask for a percentage of the cost as a deposit to reserve your wedding date. A followup email is sent to you shortly thereafter with specific details on your floral choices.

Do keep us current as your event evolves- we are most happy to make any changes that are necessary. A couple of weeks before your date, you will want to make sure to finalize the payment so we may go ahead with the floral order process. At this point, you can rest assured that our skilled designers will follow your floral decisions. At times due to weather, holidays or unforeseen natural conditions, substitutions may be necessary, but we will contact you to advise you of this.

The day of the wedding, our professional team will deliver your flowers to the appropriate address for smaller weddings, and for larger events, we will arrive earlier in the day to commence set-up. Rest assured, that your wedding will be beautiful when you work with us!

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What’s tending in 2015 Wedding Flowers?

These flower centerpieces are the new hottest designs for 2015.  It seems that the romantic look of plush flowers is this years theme.  Whatever your floral dreams consist of, we at The Plant Place & Flower Basket can help you achieve them.

images (2) images download images (1)

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2 simple steps to floral budgeting


blog centerpiece

There are (literally!) thousands of types of flowers, and infinite combinations of colors and arrangements that you can create with them. So how do you narrow it down to the perfect blooms for your wedding? Start with these basic, must-know tips.

First, Know Your Budget

Have a good idea of what you’re ready to spend on flowers before getting your heart set on specific blooms or arrangements. The cost of wedding flowers ranges widely (typically between $2,000 and $6,000) depending on the types of flowers you choose, how delicate those flowers are and, of course, how many arrangements you’ll need and how elaborate they’ll be. So set your budget, then look for inspiration — not vice versa.

Then, Spend Wisely

Focus your flower budget on the areas of your wedding that will be in the spotlight. Your bouquet, a signature element at the ceremony (like the huppah or pedestal arrangements) and reception centerpieces should top your list of priorities. Use leftover cash on the extras like decor for the cake table, guest book table and cocktail hour.

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How to Cut Costs of a Wedding Without Losing the Look

hydrangea Blooms on a budget

We’re rounding up some of our best ideas for keeping your flower costs down while not having to sacrifice on serious style. From adding in bunches of vibrantly hued fruit to using found props to add interest, this list will give you that sigh of floral relief you just might need.

Be open-minded

First and foremost, come to your floral meeting with an open mind. You might be tempted to request specific flowers you’ve been lusting over for years but without knowing that those pretty little petals may be expensive or out-of-season. So describe the color you are going for or the overall look you are trying to achieve. Do you like big, lush blooms or small, delicate flowers? Let your florist know what your style is, and let them work their magic at the market to find less expensive options that still give the same vibe.

Make your flowers do double duty

We are all for making your decor go the extra mile, so decorating your ceremony location with florals that can then serve double duty during cocktail hour and the reception is right up our alley. Ask your florist, coordinator or even your sweet as can be bridesmaids to move flowers used during the ceremony to the reception to decorate cocktail tables, the guest book, the cake table and more!

Go monochromatic

A cluster of flowers in one color is sure to make a statement. And that doesn’t mean it has to be a cluster of orchids — a cluster of carnations or mums will do just fine! Line them up on your banquet table in a row, or use different heights to add dimension. Working with one color palette makes things beautifully cohesive.

Bring on the green

Fluff up your floral design with some inexpensive but statement-worthy greenery, which serves as a great filler and is less expensive than flowers. Instead of filling an entire vase with peonies or roses, incorporate some pretty ferns or eucalyptus with one or two blossoms, so you can get the beauty of those blooms on a budget.

Add some ambiance

Candles can make a big, romantic impact. Nothing beats the ambiance of a room full of twinkling candlelight. Nothing. Consider using lots of candles on your table with either bud vases or even loose blossoms around the bases. Big impact, without big costs.

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The Soft and Romantic Look is Back in 2014

Hey there, lucky bride! A new year is nearly here, ushering in a new swoon-worthy wedding season. We went up and down the coasts talking to wedding experts and everyone agrees: 2014 will be the year of true romance. Weddings are going softer, sweeter, lusher and more heartfelt. It’s a return to classic chivalry, to the things that made our mothers cry, and it’s happening just in time for you to melt hearts and make memories.

Pink is back! Do you already feel like a blushing bride? Carry that sweet love over to your color scheme, says Tara Guérard, the event designer behind ultra-luxe Soirée in Charleston and New York. “It’s the nudes, the blushes, the peaches — not Pepto Bismol pink!” she announces.

Pink Bridesmaids Bouquets

The return to romance ushers in a new love for the formality of days gone by. Think white-gloved waiters and big band dancing, crystal candlesticks and gold-rimmed china. One major bridal inspiration for the return to tradition comes from Hollywood. “It’s the look of ‘The Great Gatsby,’” says Beth Helmsetter of Beth Helmsetter Events in Los Angeles. Her brides are still falling hard for the bubbly, approachable elegance of the Roaring Twenties.

Lush, soft, Exquisitely romantic — the flower of the year is the many-petaled tree peony, says New York’s Ariella Chezar, whose work has been seen at the White House. Amber Gustafson of Los Angeles’s Amber Events picks a similar bloom — the sweet-smelling garden rose. Find out which flowers are in season for your wedding here.


The flower garland is back in a big way. Ariella loves citrus garlands for bars and over doorways — lemons, limes, oranges on the stem. “And fern garlands are really beautiful. I love them down the center of a long table.”

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Bridal Bouquet Trends 2014


No matter how stunning your gown may be, your wedding day look won’t be complete without the perfect bouquet to complement it. There are two distinct styles for wedding bouquets, and each are heading down a completely different path.

While many brides want their blooms to have a spare, elegant look, others are choosing to carry lush, romantic arrangements down the aisle. What’s more, while round, clustered bouquets are still immensely popular, the long and cascading look is on the rise.

For this must-have wedding day accessory, check out our roundup of the most chic bouquet styles and ideas.



Today’s hot bouquets fall into two categories. Many brides are going for the simplicity of a “monofloral” (all one flower) look. Monofloral bouquets coordinate quite well with contemporary or architectural gowns, so they’re often composed of sleek, structured flowers like mini calla lilies or cattleya orchids. However, the most prominent trend is romantic bouquets filled with an assortment of fluttery flowers with lots of petals — think peonies, ranunculuses, French tulips, and hydrangeas. Although it’s not yet widely used, one contender for the next in-demand bloom is the Yves Piaget rose. It’s a sumptuous flower that’s a profusion of petals, tying in perfectly with the lush bouquet trend.

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Buffalo Venue Highlight: Park Country Club Williamsville New York

Local Business Monday:  Park Country Club is a Buffalo gem that encompasses all a bride could want: great food, unique architecture, history and a terrace for cocktails.

Aryes Photo

Aryes Photo

Their ballroom is large and airy, allowing for all types of floral arrangements! We recommend you do some high perimeter arrangements as well as lower designs surrounded by candles.

Be sure to check them out today if you are interested in a unique venue in Buffalo!

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Emerald City: Buffalo New York Premier Florist: Amherst, Clarence, Depew

Emerald Winter


As florists, greenery will always be an inspiration for us. With jewel tones being as popular as they are lately, we’ve particularly been drawn to the pop of emerald. Our latest story board is our idea of an emerald winter wedding. We love the countless floral concepts you can create with the touch of green. And we are especially obsessed with the stunning over sized centerpiece below!

Comment, share, like! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this week’s Plant Place story board.

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Berry Inspiration: Buffalo’s Premier Florist: Amherst, Tonawanda, Clarence, Buffalo

Berry Story Board

Plant Place’s latest inspiration comes from some of the yummy berries we’ve been stacking on during breaks. Berry tones are so beautiful and the perfect deep tone for a winter wedding. Have fun with the many flowers that come in this tone and enjoy tasty berry infused treats entwined in your desserts. We’re also obsessing over the cake below with cascading florals!

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