Is there a wedding in your future?

Making the decision to become marriage partners may be one of the scariest things a couple will do. How do you get started?
Here are some tips we recommend:

Think about the weddings you have attended. What did you like or dislike about them… and no, let’s not name names here. What did you think about the wedding theme, the color scheme, the flowers, the venue, the music, the food , the timeline, and the energy level of the event (were people up and mingling, or sitting and not seeming to enjoy themselves.)

In your wedding planner, perhaps a sheet for each one of the above topics, so that when you come to your appointment with your vendors, including us, we can guide you through many of the details that can make or break your day.
Plan to visit us at least 6 months ahead of your wedding, although we have brides and grooms who begin their floral journey a year ahead or more.

For your floral consultation, call ahead or email us to set up your time. It is helpful if you bring along color swatches, the wedding party list, your photographer’s name, and how you herd of us. Our consultants will write your ideas down, starting with your bouquet, for you ladies; and the boutonnieres for you guys.

We will work our way through all the parts of your wedding that will be needing floral decor. At the end of our consultation time together, we will give you an estimate of the wedding cost including set-up and take downs. Should you decide to to have us as your floral specialists, we ask for a percentage of the cost as a deposit to reserve your wedding date. A followup email is sent to you shortly thereafter with specific details on your floral choices.

Do keep us current as your event evolves- we are most happy to make any changes that are necessary. A couple of weeks before your date, you will want to make sure to finalize the payment so we may go ahead with the floral order process. At this point, you can rest assured that our skilled designers will follow your floral decisions. At times due to weather, holidays or unforeseen natural conditions, substitutions may be necessary, but we will contact you to advise you of this.

The day of the wedding, our professional team will deliver your flowers to the appropriate address for smaller weddings, and for larger events, we will arrive earlier in the day to commence set-up. Rest assured, that your wedding will be beautiful when you work with us!

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Buffalo Wedding Florist: Our Wedding Bouquets: Garden Roses

Photography; Robert Knight Photography

A lovely mix of White Hydrangea’s and Ivory Roses and Garden Roses completed this simple and stunning look.


Photo by Knight Studio



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How to create a floral table runner

Buffalo Table RunnerSetting a beautiful table, whether it’s for a wedding, special event or just for your own home, can look great and be a topic of conversation. It might seem intimidating when you research beautiful floral table designs, but with so many options you can bring the look of any season to your table without difficulty.


A floral table runner is a long, decorative piece of woven flowers and fabric that is laid lengthwise or horizontally across the table. The purpose is to create a visually appealing design that will tempt any diner to sit and stay a while!


Pick a theme or color scheme because you are creating a floral table runner, you will want to design something that captures the season in which the table is being set. For instance, if it is a summertime event, choose flowers and colors that are fresh and blooming. Roses of all colors can be blended or woven to create a billowing, overflowing runner that dips down over the sides of the table. Another summer option is snipping bright flowers off their stems and laying them across the table or scattering them on decorative paper or linen.  Using checkered or gingham patterns on fabric can really bring out the feeling of summer and can be a neat contrast to the floral arrangement.


Some table runners may not even touch the table, but are instead created out of long boxes or repeating vases filled with wheat grass, stones or sand. To make these, cut flowers slightly above the grass line and mix them into the grass sporadically to create a visually and aromatically appealing floral box.


A well scented floral runner can also be created during winter months and can be themed for the holidays or for an event such as a wedding or ball. This can be achieved by blending sprays of pine branches and pinecones which are odiferous and bountiful. Mixing in red ribbons or holly berries can really make the runner pop. For a more layered look, lay down a white or green tablecloth to ensure the enhancement of the floral runner.


Center the table runner down the length of the table. For a more modern look, lay two table runners next to each other and mix in taller centerpieces with matching flowers as the runner. Tall candle arrangements can also bring appeal to the table. Complete the table with placemats or napkins that blend in with the color scheme.

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Looking Ahead: Spring Wedding Flower Arrangements


While we still have quite a bit of winter left, especially in Buffalo where its official end is often a guessing game, for those planning ahead, spring wedding flower arrangements are delicate and beautiful. As opposed to their preceding winter bouquets and arrangements, spring is a representation of the renewal of life. Color begins to be subtly introduced back into the floral color schemes with pastels, cheery yellows and sweetheart pinks. 


It’s true when they say that love is in the air in the springtime. The sweet smell of the flowers are a tell-tale sign!  HGTV and Martha Stewart Weddings explores a few options for simple, yet lovely wedding flower arrangements. Then check out some examples Buffalo Wedding Florist has designed for more ideas for your springtime floral fantasies come true!


Spring Wedding Bouquet

 This cheery bouquet consists of yellow freesias, cultivated guelder rose, cream spray roses and cream parrot tulips.


Spring Wedding Centerpieces

Nothing says “springtime” quite like tulips and daffodils. These centerpieces are homey and beautiful and completely embody the season at its best.


Trailing Spring Wedding Arrangements

This is a different take on floral design. The lengthening of this bouquet is romantic and elegant with exciting splashes of color. 


More Stunning Springtime Floral Designs from Buffalo Wedding Florist…


 Spring Wedding Arrangements

Floral Wedding Design

Spring Wedding Bouquet

Spring Wedding Flowers




No matter what kind of arrangement you had in mind for your springtime nuptials, Buffalo Wedding Florist is ready to take on the challenge of sculpting the floral designs you’ve always dreamed of. 


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Holiday gift giving

Holiday Fruit BasketYou will never go wrong with giving flowers as a holiday gift. Whether it’s coming over early to give your parents a wonderful bouquet of flowers, or showing up at the host of your family’s Christmas party with a flower or fruit basket, flowers will always be accepted and welcomed.


Think about it. How many times have you given a gift (clothing) that had to be returned? Probably too many times.


Christmas Flower Bouquet

You know how many times you’ve given the gift of flowers that had to be returned? Probably never. Flowers are a great gift to give for any occasion, but sometimes people overlook the holidays as giving flowers as a gift. Don’t do it this year.


Check out some of the Christmas flower selection at our friends at Plant Place and Flower Basket and have a unique gift that your receiver will enjoy. This can include Poinsettias, red and white roses, white alstroemerias and even some Christmas cacti. Remember the vases too the flowers come in, these can be used time and time again to host other flowers throughout the year.


A great gift for a party that everyone can enjoy is a fruit basket.Ultimate Holiday Fruit Basket


Called the Ultimate Christmas Basket, it comes with fresh fruit – apples, pears, bananas, oranges – chocolate and cookies, cheeses , sausages and much more. With a sturdy wicker basket, it’s a long-lasting gift and a true party-pleaser.


Fruit Basket BuffaloKeep flowers and fruit baskets these in mind as your running through your Christmas list and say “What am I going to get them for Christmas?” Remember, you’ll never go wrong with flowers.


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Christmas flower centerpiece time

Thanksgiving has passed, so you know what that means – Christmas season. And what does Christmas season usually entail? Decorations.

Whether it’s lights, ornaments or a simple mistletoe, decorations are part of the holiday season and there’s no better way to spice up your home during the holiday season than flowers.

Flowers are a great way to liven up your home and create a perfect accent that falls in line with the holidays.

Here are some holiday flowers that will make a great centerpiece to get your Buffalo home in the true holiday spirit.

Christmas Centerpieces Roses – Red or white, roses are the prettiest of all the flowers and are sometimes the most meaningful. With a centerpiece arrangement that features roses, you know it’s going to not only look pretty, but smell good too.

Peruvian Lilies – White flowers with green leaves, this South American based flower, combined with a red flower, like a rose or a tulip, can be create the perfect red, white and green centerpiece for your home.

Red gerbera daisies – these cute flowers make for a fun centerpiece that is sure to liven up a room. They’re not as majestic as a red rose, but its big flower is very attractive and sure to turn heads.

Peppermint carnations – Peppermint is probably the sweet of winter and so are its candy cane colors. Peppermint carnations embody the spirit of Christmas in its flower with a delicate touch of red along the white flower. It’s a must have flower of the season.

Poinsettias – This isn’t a flower, it’s the most popular plant of the season so it has a home here. The story of how the Poinsettia became known as the Christmas “flower” so to speak began in the 16th century when a little Mexican girl, who was too poor to provide a gift for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday, gathered weeds for a gift that sprouted into beautiful poinsettias. It has been said the leaves symbolize the Star of Bethlehem and the red leaves ate the blood sacrifice of Jesus.

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Stunning Fall Floral Wedding Centerpieces

While we all know that one of the most fundamental components of any wedding are the wedding flowers themselves, what exactly does that entail? Naturally the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids flowers, the groomsmen boutonnieres, the wedding ceremony flowers… but what about the wedding reception centerpieces? These are an integral part of any wedding reception as they are the one decorative piece that your guests get to enjoy all evening long. 


Having your wedding reception centerpieces comprised of beautiful floral arrangements truly adds to the elegance of the event. If you are having a fall wedding, take advantage of the beautiful colors of the season! Fall centerpieces are among my favorite as there are so many unique designs and color schemes to choose from. Awesome wedding websites such as give us beautiful examples of potential ideas for fall wedding reception centerpieces. Check them out below and let them spark your own creative genius! 


No matter what kind of centerpieces you choose for your special day, let Buffalo Wedding Florist make all your floral fantasies come to life. We have created countless stunning wedding flower arrangements for WNY celebrations and would love to do the same for yours! Call us today to see what kind of fall wedding centerpieces we can create for the most important day of your life.

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Be Bold, Colorful.

Summer is wedding season, which means it’s flower season too.


Some of the most memorable pieces at any wedding are the flowers, after all the brides bouquet will be forever remembered in pictures. Unfortunately for the bride or wedding planner, this means the decision on what flowers to choose makes it just as a difficult and important decision as the church, reception venue, invitations and dress.


And making the decision even more difficult is the plentiful flowers to choose from. From Calla lilies, tulips or hydrangeas the selection and arrangement are of the flowers are limitless.


Most weddings feature flowers that match the color scheme of the wedding, which is typically white. Calla lilies, orchids and roses and tulips come to mind as popular white, classic flowers that the bride and guests will love. But what most wedding planners or brides overlook is that any color flower matches with white.


From Red roses, to pink Gerber daisies, purple orchids or blue hydrangeas, flowers can create an original color scheme and accent to your predominately white wedding. What’s wrong with standing out with bold red roses, yellow cattleya orchids or green gladiolis? Check out this slideshow from Martha Stewart Weddings and see how bold can be beautiful. 


For any ideas on flower arrangements in WNY, or floral wedding centerpieces, let us know and we can create an arrangement just for you!


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