Floral Wedding Favor: Give the Gift of Plantlife


When it comes to giving your guests a gift to show your gratitude, there is an innumerable amount of options and ideas. Many of them are bland, and let’s be honest, no one really wants another small plastic tub of bubbles (well, maybe some of us do).


So what can you give your closest friends and family to show them just how much it means to you that they helped celebrated the most important day of your life? What could be better than something to watch grow and love? No, we aren’t talking about puppies or kittens, we don’t expect you have an unlimited budget – give them the gift of plantlife! Plants become wonderful decorations and boost morale whether in the office or at home.


The Knot and MarthaStewartWeddings.com give us fantastic ideas to integrate our green, living friends into your wedding favor plans. Take a look at these five fantastic ideas and steal one, or let them spark your own creative green thumb!



floral wedding favors

Image Courtesy of: www.marthastewartweddings.com


1.) Plant the Seed of Love – Purchase packets of your favorite flowers’ seeds. On the outside of each packet, attach a personal note, your vows, lyrics… anything that makes the gift personalized and meaningful. Make it extra special and put the seeds into tins like the ones above.




2.) Potted Herbs – Small clay pots with planted herbs such as basil or lavender make a cute, useful gift, but can also double as a placeholder if you place the name cards inside. Two for one!




3.) Mini Bamboo Plants – Not only do they last forever, they are extremely decorative and very low-maintenance! The small decorative pots are typically see-through can be filled with pretty rocks, seashells or glass. To top it off, they’re lucky! Who couldn’t use a little extra luck?

  4.) Centerpiece to Share – By investing in lush, beautiful floral centerpieces, you’re also taking care of your wedding favors. At each place setting, leave waterproof bags in which guests can place flowers to take home with them. Custom print each bag with your names and wedding date so they remember all that bloomed that day!


 5.) Individual Bouquets – Give guests their own personal bouquets that match your wedding color scheme! This will lighten up each table and give each guest something beautiful to take home. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.



One thing is for sure, you can never go wrong with flowers. Whether your guests are men or women, these planted pleasures are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Your guests will thank you for your thoughtful creativity and for the green, leafy addition coming home with them!



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