Why Brides Throw Their Bouquets – and the alternative

Wedding bouquet tossA bride’s bouquet is every bit as special to the wedding as her dress. It’s something she holds down the aisle with her father, it’s something that can match her personality, and it’s something the color scheme of the entire wedding can be based around if the bride loves her bouquet that much.


Then, midway through the reception, she just throws it backwards for someone else to have. What’s up with that?


The ritual is a little impractical, but it’s been a tradition that dates back for as long as people have been getting married.


Back in the day, the bride is seen as good luck — a woman lucky enough to marry such a handsome man, or even a prince. Every woman wants to get married, and those who aren’t married assume the bride is lucky, so they want a piece of her. But the women at the wedding can’t literally have a piece of her, so the bride throws her bouquet and woman who catches the bouquet has a piece of her and is considered lucky, or next to get married.


It’s a fun tradition that takes place at almost every wedding. All the single women are behind the bride, reaching for the bouquet the bride blindly throws over her head.


What about the bouquet, though? Some people want to cherish their wedding flowers forever and not just give up something as special as their wedding bouquet.


Alternatives to throwing the bouquet


If you don’t want to throw your real bouquet, see if your wedding florist will create a replica or some silk flowers to throw. You don’t HAVE to throw your real bouquet, or do the traditional bouquet toss, but having a something other than your real bouquet is perfectly acceptable.

Some brides even personally give their bouquet to their single friend as a sign of support, letting them know their time is soon.

So whatever happens, whether the bride throws her beautiful bouquet or swings back a fake one, it’s her day, be happy to go up and catch it. Nothing wrong with a little good luck.



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