Choosing the right centerpieces

February 14th, 2013 bwf-admin

Centerpieces are something that should accentuate the beauty of the wedding. The colors of the flowers and vases should match the surroundings, whether it is the room, the color scheme of the wedding party, or anything else. It’s a chance for everyone at their respected table to truly FEEL part of the wedding.

Perfect wedding centerpiece 

 But sometimes this doesn’t happen. Centerpieces are too extravagant or unnoticeable. There are a few factors to take in when thinking about what centerpiece design and flowers one wants at their wedding.



Centerpieces shouldn’t be about themselves, they should incorporate different color elements of the wedding. Does the bride’s dress or bridal party have color accents? Incorporate them in the centerpieces. What about the color of the room? It might be a good idea to have centerpieces match the room where the reception is to have one cohesive, and natural room. 



The bigger the room, the bigger the centerpieces can be. Key word: can. Just because the reception is in some incredible ball room with a 20-foot ceiling doesn’t mean the centerpiece height should be extravagant either. Make sure guests can see around the centerpiece to interact with others at the table. Sometimes, people guests are swerving their necks back and forth just to converse with at the same table. 



Sometimes people like to have a bunch of centerpiece creations on the table, which clutters the table. Guests want to be able eat and set their drinks down at the table, not worry about knocking over the bride’s precious centerpiece. 


In short, choose a matching color, at an reasonable height, that’s simple.

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