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September 17th, 2012 bwf-admin

For women, it’s the most important bouquet they’ll ever hold.


The Wedding Bouquet.


It’s not only important because it’s the flowers you’re holding on the most important day of your life, but, believe it or not, the flowers actually represent the marriage, and new partnership in words.


Wedding flowers have meanings. In fact, floriography is the study of a Victorian-era communication method where flowers were used in coded messages, which allowed people to express their feelings.


From Azaleas to Violets and every flower in between, flowers have a special meaning and it’s something brides should consider when choosing a bouquet. It’s a chance to “Show your love through flowers!”


Now the definitions of these flowers can mean anything from love to jealousy, to stupidity. It’s a matter of what flower your chose, so let’s go through and see what a couple of flowers means.


Red Rose – Love, I Love you.” As you can imagine, the most popular and beautiful flower might have the most meaningful message.


Daffodil – “Unrequited Love.” Unrequited love means love that is sometimes one sided. Maybe not the right flowers for a wedding.


Geranium – “Stupidity, Folly, Comfort.” These small flowers and cute, but if you want your wedding, and the meaning of marriage, to be associated with stupidity and folly, then have these in your bouquet.


Gloxinia – “Love at first sight.” This purple flower could have great meaning to your wedding, especially if you and your partner have the same unconditional love like you had when you guys first met.


Tulip – “Love, Symbol of the Perfect Lover.”  These pretty perennials are a great way to show your soon-to-be-husband what he means to you.


Blue Violet – “Faithfulness.” Every bride and groom should represent the Blue Violet in some way at their wedding to show their everlasting faithfulness to one another. Another promise they’ll make when up on the altar.


Here’s a great article by Perfect-wedding-day.com that shows what flowers mean.




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