Wedding Flowers to Cherish Forever

October 26th, 2012 bwf-admin


Wedding Bouquets

With a beautiful wedding bouquet like this, you’ll definitely want to save it forever!


You’ve spent a lot of time and energy picking out the perfect bouquet to carry down the aisle. These flowers are the last thing you are able to clutch the final moments between being single and bound to the love of your life forever. They’re a symbol of the pure and beautiful love you share and their fragile beauty is something you’ll want to remember. Unfortunately, they’re just that – fragile. As we all know, it’s only a matter of time before all flowers wilt and die. Luckily, if you wish to preserve your flowers, you have some options! Let’s take a look at some popular ways to preserve your beautiful bridal bouquet!


  • First, decide if you are going to do it yourself or if you’d like to leave it to the professionals. This is something you’re going to want to decide well before the wedding date.


  • Next, how do you want your flowers to look? Different techniques of preservation provide different results. You can choose from dry, pressed or chemically preserved flowers.


Dry your bouquet out for results like this

  • Drying flower
    s: There are several different ways of drying flowers, each achieving a different result. If you decide to hang your bouquet, only the leaves need to be removed. Then, separate the bouquet into smaller bunches as to avoid crushing their original shape. In a dry, dark place, suspend flowers upside down with something that will not ruin the stem (rubber band, twine, etc.). This can take up to two weeks depending on the humidity in the setting. There are various other floral drying techniques and materials you can use. Click here to read more on the process from a specialist!


Pressed Wedding Flowers

You can press your wedding flowers to use for crafts and framing!

  • Pressing flowers: This technique does not preserve the actual shape of the flowers as they are, but flattens them, making them quite lovely for picture framing. Dry, unglazed paper such as newsprint or an old phonebook would work best for this project.
  • Glycerine preservation: If you are doing it yourself, all you need is two parts lukewarm water and one part glycerine (regular car antifreeze will work fine). You will want to make sure you are beginning this process with the flowers at their best, most hydrated state. Place the stems of the flowers into the solution and wait! After about two to three weeks, the glycerine should have taken place of the water within the plants, keeping them beautiful and long-lasting.


  • Leave it to the pros: If you’re going to hire a preservation company, recommends making the arrangements about a month in advance, whether you’re staying local or going national. Just Google search the term “bouquet preservation” and you’ll be able to find a company to take care of the job for you!


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